Shaolin Martial Arts Testimonials


What Parents Have to Say

My daughter loves Girl Power! She always looks
forward to class. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in
her coordination, balance and confidence.
Girl Power means to me that I have the power of
believing in myself and protecting myself. I like my
class because it is fun and makes me feel powerful.
As a parent, I am thrilled to have my daughter
participate in a program that can actively and
effectively contradict the 1000th (give or take a few
hundred) messages a day given through the media that insinuate physical beauty is the most important goal for women.

In Girl Power, my daughter learns that
confidence, intelligence, and physical strength =
beauty. In a very fun and always entertaining way,
the Girl Power instructor reinforces the girls’
ability to defend themselves and to control their
environment. He manages to install in the girls a
high degree of confidence in their own abilities. My
daughter looks forward to each session and has become extremely motivated to build her strength and coordination. I love to see her practice, knowing that she is developing life-long skills to help cope with often less-than-perfect society.
Our daughters have received so much from Girl Power — respect for self, respect for others and to realize they are equal, not less than.
My son’s confidence continues to grow as a result of his participation in this program. He is inspired not just by the physical skills he learns, but also by the life philosophies taught there.
My daughter really enjoys coming to Girl Power. She learns respect, stranger danger and her kicks have certainly gotten higher. Seeing her friends every week is also a plus.

What Children Have to Say

It is amazing how much I have learned. I go home
every Saturday thinking how much I have learned, for example kicks, punches and paries, but not just that, but accepting people who they are and not judging them by their outside looks but by their inside looks. Theinside is more important than the outside look. My class is the most supportive group I have ever known. They give you compliments and help you when you are struggling. Most of all they accept you if you are on a lower or higher level than they are. Kung Fu is the most fun activity I do and I hope to do it through my adult years.
Every morning I wake up and say to myself “What’s today? A Girl Power day? I hope so!” It’s wonderful going to a class, meeting new people and learning new things. The instructor makes class fun by telling jokes, teaching us what he knows, doing funny things, and best of all, he acts himself. He doesn’t act like we’re just girls that can’t do anything. He encourages us to be the best that we can be.

Everybody is at different levels. And competition,
it’s out of the question. We don’t want to see who’s
better. Girl Power just wants to see how you can
improve. Girl Power means so much to me for all these reasons. If you don’t agree with that me, that’s too bad for you, because you are missing out on so much.
Robert, I like the classes that you teach me. I
think you are the best person in the world.
I enjoy Girl Power because I learn about self-defense so that I can be safe. I know what to do now if a stranger comes to me. I learn different kicks and punches that I may use if someone grabs me. I learn blocks to block punches and kicks so I don’t get hurt. I like to get a certificate for doing good too. I think Girl Power is good because it teaches girls that they can be strong, smart, beautiful and special.
Girl Power means to me that I have faith in myself
and that a girl can have power and be confident.
When I am at school, I don’t feel afraid of anybody.
Now I can defend myself from a person that is mean. In Girl Power you will learn a lot of stuff that is very interesting and important.
Especially for Christmas, written by one of our Girl Power students:

On the first day of Girl Power, Mr. Girl Power said to me, “Do 10 push-ups and you will get stronger.”

On the second day of Girl Power, Mr. Girl Power said to me, “Do stillness and you’ll focus better.”

On the third day of Girl Power, Mr. Girl Power said to me, “Do Last Ninja Standing and you’ll balance better.”

On the fourth day of Girl Power, Mr. Girl Power said to me, “You only compete with yourself and not others.”

On the fifth day of Girl Power, Mr. Girl Power said to me, “I AM SPECIAL. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM SMART, AND I AM STRONG!!!

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