One: Guardians of the Light is Shaolin Kung Fu Academy's program for young adults, ages 12 to 17.

Oh, yeah, and learning Kung Fu is really, really, really ……cool!
— Si Gong Robert Firestine

        "One: Guardians of Light" is a Kung Fu program for teens that teaches self-defense, animal styles, weapons, and the awakening of inner wisdom.  This is done in a fun and upbeat atmosphere that allows teens to find their personal power and express it, in an environment that honors them for who they are. We start our classes reflecting on a philosophical question that allows each student to find the wisdom living in their own heart.  The Kung Fu journey is one that brings power, vitality, health and self-confidence. We emphasize artistic expression in our forms. All our Kung Fu forms and sparring are done to music which enhances creativity. Our students soon form a strong bond and esprit de corps, that is built on respect, trust and friendship. Shaolin Kung Fu is an ancient art that endeavored to integrate mind, body and spirit, and lead to self-realization, growth, and freedom. We are committed to this quest in a modern context, while at the same time having fun, laughing, and enjoying the journey.

The class is taught by Si Fu Sean Sexton, 3rd degree black belt. 

“At this point in my life I am dedicated to teaching and training youth. My heart’s
desire is to pass this art on to the next generation. To offer them something that
will provide protection and guidance in an increasingly difficult and chaotic world.
The great gift of martial arts training is learning to focus on a goal and then to
achieve it. Once these principles are learned, the dedicated student will be able
create a life that will bring peace, contentment, happiness, and health. In short,
to live a life worth defending.”

“Oh, yeah, and learning Kung Fu is really, really, really ……cool!      - Si Gong Robert Firestine