The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is a modern approach to an ancient quest for mind, body and spirit to become as one. We walk the golden path of Shaolin, guided by humility, wisdom, courage, love, compassion, and kindness. Be a better person, build a better world! Click the icons below to begin your journey.


Girl Power begins with the seed of self-worth planted within the heart of every girl. I am special!   I am beautiful! I am smart! I am strong!

A martial art is only as good as the values that guide it. The Peaceful Warriors program emphasizes values of love, respect, humility, kindness, wisdom, discipline, and courage!



There is a light at the center of every heart. It is our responsibility to awaken, follow, protect, and express this great light. In the Guardians of Light program, we do this through the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu.

The quest of the original Shaolin Temple was towards mind, body and spirit becoming as one. Ours is a modern approach to preserving the golden path of Shaolin through Kung Fu training.