Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is a martial arts school for young adults, ages 12 to 17.
It is based on the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu. We seek to bring peace of mind,
self-confidence, self-discipline, and ability to achieve goals through martial arts training. Our training is comprehensive and includes basic street defense, throws, joint locks, animal styles, weapons, and ground fighting. Breathwork, meditation, and energy exercises are also incorporated into the training. Respect is the foundation of all martial arts training and students will learn to respect themselves, their fellow students, teachers, parents, family, friends, and the training environment.

The class is taught by 9th degree black belt, Si Gong (Master) Robert Firestine. Robert studied for 18 years with a Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple Institute. He has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu for over 30 years.

“At this point in my life I am dedicated to teaching and training youth. My heart’s
desire is to pass this art on to the next generation. To offer them something that
will provide protection and guidance in an increasingly difficult and chaotic world.
The great gift of martial arts training is learning to focus on a goal and then to
achieve it. Once these principles are learned, the dedicated student will be able
create a life that will bring peace, contentment, happiness, and health. In short,
to live a life worth defending.”

“Oh, yeah, and learning Kung Fu is really, really, really ……cool!”
Si Gong Robert Firestine